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 The Regulars



Who are we here at Sick One's Asylum
We are a loosely formed, but very dedicated group of Descent / Descent II players. Located in the heart
of 'Silicon Valley' California. The 'Weekly' Players are addicted ... oops I mean dedicated enough
to enjoy a LAN game here at my place once a week.We will commonly play for 4 to 6 hours. Well, we break
for pizza or BBQ. Most of us are computer nuts, some of us are also computer professionals.

The Regulars
 Name  Photo  Pilot Name  Biographies
 Anthony Galica    Nirvana

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Levels Available
 Brian English    Birdseye  
 Daniel Cepeda    The Rock

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 Jason Leighton    Crucible  
 Jeff Vandemark    Vander

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Levels Available
 John Schuch    Hal 9000  
 Kai Arnold    Mayhem

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 Kevin Murphy    Sick_one

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 Michael Lohmeyer    Drakoz

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This Group plays for hours every Thursday night on the LAN.


The Occasionals
 Name  Photo  Pilot Name
 Bob Rollins    DustBunny
 Jake Browning    Datguy
 Nataniel Smith    Typhoon
 Nick Rejefski    Bub
 Rob Rejefski    Hacksaw
 Robert Sherrow    Joker
 Shawn Young    BarryHill
 Steve Genardini    Readyman
 Steve Young    BootMonster



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 Name  Photo  Pilot Name
 Alex Polonsky    Apolon
 Andrew Bosworth    Tank
 Barbara Baugh    Radiant
 Ben Causey    Target
 Brian Lindsay    Fryin
 Chris Chang    Wildshot
 Joe Jamello    Sniper-x
 John Petty    Buef
 Justin Quon    Superflea
 Mike Medina    BadMike
 Manny Ruiz    Surgeon
 Nam Tran    Orion
 Paul Albers    Widowmkr
 Robert Wilhelm    BadKarma
 Ross Johnson Jr.    Dogboy
 Ross Johnson Sr.    KamiKazi


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