Levels Created by Members of the Asylum

  * Nirvana *  Levels By Anthony 'Nirvana' Galica

 Anthony won this Award for his Level Designs
 Level Tile(s)  ReadMe.TXT  Downloadable
 Annihilate  anhldfst.txt  anhldfst.zip
 Asphyxiated  asphyx.txt  asphyx.zip
 A Death in the Asylum
(10 Level Set)
 asylum.txt  asylum.zip
 Bent  bent.txt  bent.zip
 Bow to Phoenix (2 levels)  bow2phnx.txt  bow2phnx.zip
 Butchery  butchery.txt  butchrey.zip
 Cannibal Eyes  cnbleyes.txt  cnbleyes.zip
 Cannibalized  cannibal.txt  cannibal.zip
 Caverns of Nirvana  cav_nir.txt  cav_nir.zip
 Chippy's Nuthouse  chip.txt  chip.zip
 Crack  crack.txt  crack.zip
 Crack2  crack2.txt  crack2.zip
 Crack3  crack3.txt  crack3.zip
 Crack4  crack4.txt  crack4.zip
Crack: The Heartbeat of America (4 Level Set)  crackset.txt  crackset.zip
 D2: Chaos Arena  d2charna.txt  d2charna.zip
 D2: Chaos Arena v1.1  d2char11.txt  d2char11.zip
 D2: Chaos Arena v1.2  d2char12.txt  d2char12.zip
 D2: Team Fortress  d2tmfort.txt  d2tmfort.zip
 D2: Team Fortress v1.1  d2tmft11.txt  d2tmft11.zip
 D2: Vertigo Dementia (22)  d2verdem.txt  d2verdem.zip
 D2: Vertigo Massacre (5)  d2vrtmss.txt  d2vrtmss.zip
 Dementia (3 Level Set)  dementia.txt  dementia.zip
 Dementia II (2 Level Set)  dmentia2.txt  dmentia2.zip
 Destr0y  destr0y.txt  destr0y.zip
 Destr0y2  destr0y2.txt  destr0y2.zip
 Destruction Comes
* Descent 1 Version *
 d1dstcom.txt  d1dstcom.zip
 Destruction Comes  destcome.txt  destcome.zip
 Diablo  diablo.txt  diablo.zip
 Disarray  disarray.txt  disarray.zip
 The DoJo  thedojo.txt  thedojo.zip
 Feci dal signore  fecidal.txt  fecidals.zip
 Fried Carcasses  fry.txt  fry.zip
 Fusion Farm (D1 & D2)  fusnfarm.txt  fusnfarm.zip
 GI-Jane's Playground  gi-jane.txt  gi-jane.zip
 Glenbow's Honor  glenbow.txt  glenbow.zip
 The Heavens (7 Levels)  heavens.txt  heavens.zip
 Hellig Usuart  horde.txt  horde.zip
 Hellig Usuart (Single Play)  hordesp.txt  hordesp.zip
 Horror Hall  hhall.txt  hhall.zip
 InSanitarium  insnitrm.txt  insnitrm.zip
 Kataclysm  kataclsm.txt  kataclsm.zip
 Minirvana  minvana.txt  minvana.zip
 Morbid 3D v1.0 & v1.1  morbid3d.txt  morbid3d.zip
 Multiple Personalities  multiple.txt  multiple.zip
 Nirvana  nirvana.txt  nirvana.zip
 Nirvana's Total Anarchy  punk.txt  punk.zip
 Nocturnal  nocturnl.txt  nocturnl.zip
* Descent 1 Version *
 d1nctrnl.txt  d1nctrnl.zip
 Nocturnal 2: Death trap  noctrnl2.txt  noctrnl2.zip
 One Zero One  101.txt  101.zip
 Pain Incarnate  pain.txt  pain.zip
 Pulling Teeth Tribute  ptt.txt  ptt.zip
 Purge  purge.txt  purge.zip
 Radiate  radiate.txt  radiate.zip
 Radiate2  radiate2.txt  radiate2.zip
 Reality 3D  reality.txt  reality.zip
 Reality 3D Pro  rltypro.txt  rltypro.zip
 Redrumurder (2 Level Set)  rdrmrdr.txt  rdrmrdr.zip
* Descent 1 Version *
 repress1.txt  d1rprs.zip
 Repressed  repress.txt  repress.zip
 Repressed 2  repress2.txt  repress2.zip
 Repressed USUL  rprsusul.txt  rprsusul.zip
 Resistance 1  resist.txt  resist1.zip
 Saturn 77  sat77.txt  sat77.zip
 Sickened to Death  sick2dth.txt  sick2dth.zip
 Shaken to Death
* Both D1 & D2 Version *
 sfd.txt  sfd.zip
 Suffering of the Masses  sufrmass.txt  sufrmass.zip
 Targeted  target.txt  target.zip
 Thine Hour Hast Come  thinehr.txt  thinehr.zip
 Training for Utopia  utopia.txt  utopia.zip
 TFU2: The Falling Cycle  tfu2.txt  tfu2.zip
 TFU3: Dead Signal  tfu3.txt  tfu3.zip
 Tourniquet (D1 & D2)  tourniqt.txt  tourniqt.zip
* Descent 1 Version *
 d1vamped.txt  d1vamped.zip
 Vamped (D2 ver)  vamped.txt  vamped.zip
 Vamped Observatory 1& 1.1  vampedob.txt  vampedob.zip
 Vamped Observatory Pro  vmpobpro.txt  vmpobpro.zip
 Vandalize  vandal.txt  vandal.zip
 Vertigo Cemetery
* Descent 1 Version *
 d1vercem.txt  d1vercem.zip
 Vertigo Cemetery (6 Levels)  d2vercem.txt  d2vercem.zip
 Voyager  voyager.txt  voyager.zip
 Voyager 2  voyager2.txt  voyager2.zip
 WC Chippy's Nuthouse  wcchip.txt  wcchip.zip
  WC Target  wctarget.txt  wctarget.zip
 The WidowMaker  widowmkr.txt  widowmkr.zip


  * SuperFlea *  Levels By Justin 'SuperFlea' Quon
 Level Tile(s)  ReadMe.TXT  Downloadable
 SuperFlea's Place  No Read Me File  suprflea.zip


  * Tank *  Levels By Andrew 'Tank' Bosworth
 Level Tile(s)  ReadMe.TXT  Downloadable
 Sektor  sektor.txt  sektor.zip


  * Target *  Levels By Ben 'Target' Causey
 Level Tile(s)  ReadMe.TXT  Downloadable
 Coulrophobia  coulphba.txt  coulphba.zip
 D2: Vertigo Dementia (22)  d2verdem.txt  d2verdem.zip
 Lyssophobia  lysophba.txt  lysophba.zip
 Redrumurder (2 Level Set)  rdrmrdr.txt  rdrmrdr.zip
 UnderWorld  No Read Me File  undrwrld.zip


 * Vander * Levels By Jeff 'Vander' Vandemark
 Level Tile(s)  ReadMe.TXT  Downloadable
 Burning Indika :)-~  indika.txt  indika.zip
 Burning Indika 2  indika_2.txt  indika_2.zip
 Burning Sativa  sativa.txt  sativa.zip
 Hash Bash  hashbash.txt  hashbash.zip
 La Villa Straniato  la_villa.txt  la_villa.zip
 Pulling Teeth  pullteth.txt  pullteth.zip
 RedEye Ridge  redeye.txt  redeye.zip


  * Xciter *  Levels By Jim 'Xciter' Springer
 Level Tile(s)  ReadMe.TXT  Downloadable
 Get the Point  getpoint.txt  getpoint.zip


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