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Descent 1

Descent 1 Shareware


Descent 1 Full Version
  • Update Descent 1 Full Version V1.4a to V1.5 (248 kB)
  • Update Descent 1 Full Version V1.0 to V1.4a (553 kB)
  • Update Descent 1 Full Version V1.0 to V1.4 (524 kB)
  • The V1.0 to V1.5 patch available on some sites is not recommendable: due to a bug in that patch it will disable music in level 8 and higher. If you want to patch from V1.0 to V1.5, patch to V1.4a first and then update to V1.5.
  • Some V1.0 and V1.4a of Descent 1 Full Version are not patchable: trying to do so will quit with an "Old file not found." error. Now, if you want to play D1_3Dfx or D1X you will need at least V1.4 and so have a problem. Do the following then: Start the patch as follows PATCH -IGNOREMISSING. This will patch the data files, so you can install and play D1_3Dfx and D1X. The normal executable DESCENTR.EXE however will not work anymore, but with D1_3Dfx/D1X you probably won't need that one anyway.


Unofficial Patches

Unofficial patches:


Controller Patches
  • Eivind Brendryen's Span Fix for MS SideWinder Precision Pro
    If you are using the twist without this patch, you most likely don't have full speed movement on that axis. Just define a key on the keyboard for that movement, and compare! If your twist doesn't work at all, it may be disabled because of the span problem. Supports - Descent 1.0, 1.4, 1.4a, 1.5, 1.6 - Descent 2, D2_3dfx 1.06b (Release 10) - but I think it'll work on any descent executable. You will need msvbvm50.dll in the windows/system directory, and i guess you also need cmdlg32.ocx. One possibility is to install the Descent Manager DLLPAK, if you didn't already.
    Download SpanFix from 06/09/1998 (26 kB)
    Download DLLPAK if you are missing DLL or OCX files

  • LCD-Bios VR-Devices for Descent 1 V1.4a/V1.5
    Download VR LCD-Bios (52 kB)



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