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Descent Developer Network
Descent 1/2

DDL mailing list


This is the official mailing list of the DDN - Descent Developer Network. Here we talk about all aspects of Descent development (from level files to technical issues). To join, send a mail without any subject and the body as: "subscribe ddl" to

Note: This list is run by Stephen P. Clouse on the Warpcore-Server. which also runs the D3DL (Descent 3 Developer's List), the FDL (FreeSpace Developer's List), as well as various other lists.

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eMail list administrator: Stephen P. Clouse
DDL Message Archive

Descent Developer Network (The Knowledge Base can be a good FAQ)

Descent Source - Descent Source Mailing List
D3DL - Descent 3 Developer's Mailing List
FDL - FreeSpace Developer's Mailing List



Welcome to the Descent Developer's Mailing List! This high volume list caters to everyone in the field of homebrewing stuff for Descent, the world's coolest 3D game by Parallax Software (and it's sequel, Descent 2). Here we discuss both the programs we use to create and edit stuff in Descent, as well as the techniques we use to do it. If you're looking for some excellent tips on level design, or just need some help with an editor, or just want to chat with other homebrew developers like yourself, this is the place!

The subjects of the list in short are:

  • Working with the Descent 1/2 file formats
  • Working on utilities for Descent 1/2
  • Using Devil, DMB2 and the already available 3rd-party utilites for Descent 1/2

Please stay as on-topic as possible.



To maintain the integrity of this list and keep it fun and pleasant for everyone, we present The Descent Developer's List Charter. Failure to follow these rules will result in your being removed and possibly banned from the list.

General Mailing List Info:

  • The eMail address for this list is Any mail sent here is sent out to everyone on the list.
  • If you ever would like to be removed from this list, simply send an eMail to with the message "unsubscribe ddl" (or "unsubscribe ddl-digest" if you were subscribed to the Digest version) in the BODY of the message (not the subject) and you will be automatically unsubscribed from the list. (Yes, I know I'm reiterating, but some people can't seem to get this simple step through their heads!)
  • Should you have a problem in the operation of Majordomo (i.e., you are unable to unsubscribe), please e-mail and describe the problem and we will handle it.
  • To users of odd e-mail programs that use weird RTF or HTML attachments (like Netscape Messanger, MS Oulook, MS Outlook Express and MS Exchange): Please disable such attachments on your e-mail. No one uses them or can use them, they just add worthless binary code to your messages. For our position on binaries, please see rule #5 in the next section.

Things NOT To Do On This List:

  • Please keep off-topic posting to a minimum. If you must post off-topic stuff, start the subject line with "OTP:" (standing for Off-Topic Post) so people can filter it if they want.
  • The following way off-topic subjects and general flamebaiting material are not permitted on this list and will result in your removal and or banning from the list:
    - The Evil Microsoft Empire
    - Multiplayer Cheats
    - Warez/Illegal Software/Piracy/Hacks/Cracks/Etc., including how to remove the CD copy protection from FreeSpace
    - Chain Letters, Pyramid Schemes, Get Rick Quick
    - Why (Program X) Rocks/Sucks/Is Better Than (Program Y)
    - Visit My Web Page!!! (see rule 8 below)
    - Fix Your System Clock, It's Two Years Behind And It Throws Off My Mail Program's Sorting System
    - Virus Warnings
    - Anything else that one of the list administrators tells you to stop posting about<
  • FLAMING is ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED and you WILL be REMOVED and BANNED from the list. If someone says or does something you don't like, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE LIST. If someone posts a message that is off topic, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE LIST. If you feel the need to complain, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE LIST. Complain to the individual via PRIVATE e-mail, or send your complaint to In any case, this is a list of civilized people who should be able to handle themselves in an adult manner. If you cannot handle yourself in this manner then unsubscribe now.
  • Addendum to the rule above: If a member of this is harassing you via private e-mail, please forward a copy of the offending e-mail (preferably with headers) to and we will take appropriate action. Also use this address to voice any comments or complaints about happenings on the list.
  • BINARIES RULE: DO NOT SEND BINARIES TO THE LIST. NO BINARIES ARE PERMITTED ON THIS LIST. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING BINARIES TO THE LIST. Such thoughts will force us to fire nuclear warheads upon your home. We know where you live.
  • Keep your use of profanity in good taste (somewhat oxymoronic, but you get our drift). Messages with excessive and/or deliberately offensive/derogatory use of profanity may be considered grounds for removal from the list.
  • Distribution of illegal material, including but not limited to: warez, chain letters, and pyramid schemes; will result in your removal and banning from this list. The offending data will also be forwarded to appropriate authorities.
  • This list is not to be used for advertising purposes of any kind. There are three exceptions:
    - You write a Descent-related program and wish to announce release/patches/updates/etc.
    - You made a new Descent level and wish to announce release/... .
    - Your Web page address is advertised in your signature file.
    Other than that, please don't waste bandwidth solely to plug your page.
  • Descent-Source-related stuff is off-topic on this list. Instead of sending it to this list, go to the sister list: Descent-Source - Descent Sourcecode Mailing List (see link for more information at top of page)!
  • Descent 3-related stuff is off-topic on this list. Instead of sending it to this list, go to the sister list: D3DL - Descent 3 Developer's List (see link for more information at top of page)!
  • FreeSpace-related stuff is off-topic on this list. Instead of sending it to this list, go to the sister list: FDL - FreeSpace Developer's List (see link for more information at top of page)!
  • Always a wise thing before posting a question to any list, newsgroup or message board, is looking at FAQs and the like, to check if its already answered somewhere. At the top of the list are links to FAQ-like documents, so please check them out now!

Now that that's all covered, welcome, and enjoy the list!

Stephen P. Clouse, Administrator of the Descent Developer's Mailing List



Here is how to subscribe/unsubscribe to the normal list:

  • To subscribe, send a message to with the body (not subject!):
    subscribe ddl

  • To unsubscribe, send a message to with the following in the body (not in the subject!):
    unsubscribe ddl

If you don't feel like wanting to get many single messages, there is also a digest version, where multiple posts are combined to one post! Here is how to subscribe that version of the list (btw, you can be subscribed to both versions at the same time!):

  • To subscribe to the digest version, send a message to with the following in the body (not subject!):
    subscribe ddl-digest

  • To unsubscribe from the digest version, send a message to with the following in the body (not in the subject!):
    unsubscribe ddl-digest

In both cases you will be send a confirmation mail which you need to apply to make sure nobody else can subscribe or unsubscribe you without your will...



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