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Descent 1/2

Descent 1 MIDI Soundtrack (PC)

The original soundtrack for Descent was written by several people at Interplay at times where Parallax Software did not yet have a composer. On the PC platform its entirely in MIDI format, available in two versions: one that is used on wavetables, and one that is used on those old FM sound cards. We offer both in *.MID format here for download, but please note that the FM-Sound-optimized one will sound very funny on Wavetable soundcards. Additionally we have the music of the Shareware Version of Descent 1 for download, which are the same songs as the first levels of Descent 1 Full Version, but sound quite different (in fact they are early unfinished versions of the ones of the Full Version).


Descent 1 CD-Audio Soundtrack (Mac, Playstation)

On the PlayStation and on the Macintosh, Interplay used digital music for the soundtrack: Professional Studio Mixes of the best of the PC soundtrack with guitars, drums, etc. . That soundtrack is a must-have for everybody who loves the Descent PC soundtrack. However, we are not allowed to rip it and offer it as MP3 files: We once did and Interplay forced us to remove it. So best is you get the Mac soundtrack. Its worth the music on it. (The music on the Playstation version is not in CD Audio format so you can only hear it while playing). If you want a sample, get the Descent 2 Trailer, which features an excerpt of the original PC level 2 music as professional remix.


Descent 2 MIDI Music

For Descent 2, Parallax Software hired an own musician - Dan Wentz. However, he only had one year for the whole MIDI soundtrack of Descent 2, compared to several years for multiple people at Interplay for D1 soundtrack, so Descent 2 did not have that many musics as Descent 1 did. They did not care much however, since Descent 2 has an alternative soundtrack saved as CD-Audio (playable in any CD player, when you skip track 1). The Interactive Demo (=Shareware) version had the same songs as the Full Version (only one for the briefing more, while one for the levels less), so we don't have a seperated download for it. There are however - like for Descent 1 - seperated FM-Sound-optimized versions, which will also sound a bit funny on Wavetable soundcards.


Descent 2 CD-Audio Soundtrack

The CD-Audio (a.k.a. Redbook Music) music is copyright protected and so we cannot publish them here as MP3 files. However, for those who are interested, here are the tracklists of each of the D2 versions:



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