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Some history first: Harald "Wild_1" Koenigsperger, a good friend of us, once asked me (HH) on a Descent session, how one could create a Windows TTF font. I told him, I only know that CorelDraw! 6 is capable of creating of TTF font files. He then planned to create TTF fonts out of the famous Descent 1/2 fonts. I sent him a file which modified the credits text to a listing of the complete ABC in all fonts, he took a screenshot of it and so had a template and so started the work. The rest is history: his fonts become with no doubt the most famous Descent fonts for Windows and still a lot of people are using it in Kali.

We are now the only official website left for his fonts (his pages are not existing anymore). So now bring some Descent-touch into your Windows desktop and download the fonts:

Download Descent Fonts V1.3 (40 kB)


Version History:

  • V1.0 (released 04/09/97): initial release
  • V1.1 (released 04/10/97): reduced the space between words to 50%
  • V1.2 (never released here): Seperated the fonts from Descent ][ font family to "Descent ][ Score" and "Descent ][ Menu Bold".
  • V1.3 (released 07/07/97): Added the "Descent ][ Logo Bold" font.



  • Descent 2 Score Font:

  • Descent 2 Menu Font:

  • Descent 2 Logo Font:



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