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Descent 1/2

*.PLR specs


This document was written by Heiko Herrmann with help by David Oates.

Descent Manager PLREDIT32 - A viewer/editor for *.PLR files, written by Heiko Herrmann


Descent 2 V1.2

D2 V1.2 uses the following PLR format:

INT signature; //"RLPD"
SHORT version; //24 for D2 V1.2
SHORT resolution; //last used screen resolution
BYTE unknown[3];
BYTE auto_leveling; //1=on
BYTE show_reticle; //1=on
BYTE unknown;
BYTE video_resolution; //0-4
BYTE missile_view; //1=on
BYTE headlight_on_when_picked_up; //1=on
BYTE show_guided_missile_in_main_display; //1=on
BYTE unknown;

BYTE num_mission_protocol_entries; //see note below
for (i=0; i<num_mission_protocol_entries; i++)
 string9 mis_protocol_name[i]; //string, filled up with $00 to 9 bytes
 BYTE mis_protocol_maxlevel[i];

string35 multiplayer_macro_f9; //string, filled up with $00 to 35 bytes
string35 multiplayer_macro_f10; //string, filled up with $00 to 35 bytes
string35 multiplayer_macro_f11; //string, filled up with $00 to 35 bytes
string35 multiplayer_macro_f12; //string, filled up with $00 to 35 bytes

BYTE configuration[480]; //contains keyboard/joystick configuration
BYTE controller_type; //type of controller (0-7)
BYTE unknown[2];
BYTE weapons_order_list[30]; //primary/secondary weapons order list

INT lifetimerankings_num_kills;
INT lifetimerankings_num_deaths;
INT lifetimerankings_checksum; //if you modify the values above, D2 calls you a lamer and resets the score

string10 guidebot_callsign; //string, filled up with $00 to 10 bytes



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