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HMEL specs


HMEL files were introduced with Descent Manager HAXMEDIT/DOS and HAXMEDIT32. They are simply an exchange file format for HAM/HXM elements, to provide easy exchangement of single elements. The format itself is also really similar to the HAM/HXM formats.

These specifications were defined and written by Heiko Herrmann. Thanks a lot to Garry Knudson, Steve Klinger and Luke Schneider for the great support.

Definitions and declarations for HMEL files
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eMail author: Heiko Herrmann


File format


char[4] "HMEL";                 // signature ("HaM ELement")
INT32 version;                  // currently 1
INT32 element_num;              // number of element, where this element was extracted from (*1)
INT32 num_blocks;               // number of blocks now following
for (i=1;i<num_blocks+1;i++) {
 block(size_of_block[i]);      // data of this block (The size depends on the block type)

(*1) this information is important for creating HXM files, so it can default the "replaced_polygon" etc. to the default


Existing file types

The following HMEL files are existing:

*.TXE Textures - 2 blocks:
TEXTURES_1 (2 bytes)
TEXTURES_2 (20 bytes)
*.SOU Sounds - 2 blocks:
SOUNDS_1 (1 byte)
SOUNDS_2 (1 byte)
*.VCL VClips - 1 block:
VCLIPS (82 bytes)
*.ECL EClips - 1 block:
ECLIPS (130 bytes)
*.WCL WClips - 1 block:
WCLIPS (126 bytes)
*.ROB Robot Types - 1 block:
ROBOT_TYPES (480 bytes)
*.JOI Robot Joints - 1 block:
ROBOT_JOINTS (8 bytes)
*.WEA Weapon Types - 1 block:
WEAPON_TYPES (125 bytes)
*.POW Powerup Types - 1 block:
POWERUP_TYPES (16 bytes)
*.POL Polygon Models - 4 blocks:
POLYGON_MODELS (734 bytes)
MODEL_DATA (varies, the size stands in the POLYGON_MODELS block)
*.GAG Gagues - 2 blocks:
GAGUES_1 (2 bytes)
GAGUES_2 (2 bytes)
*.OBM Object Bitmaps - 2 blocks:
OBJECT_BITMAPS_1 (2 bytes)
OBJECT_BITMAPS_2 (2 bytes)
*.SPS Single Player Ship - 1 block:
*.COC Cockpits - 1 block:
COCKPITS (2 bytes)
*.MAR Marker - 1 block:
MARKER (4 bytes)
*.REA Reactors - 1 block:
REACTORS (200 bytes)

The most important file type is "POL". It is not only used by Descent Manager HAXMEDIT, but also by Polytron, PMView and RBotEdit (links see top of page)



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