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Descent 1/2

*.HI specs


These are the highscore specs stored in DESCENT.HI for Descent and Descent 2. They store the highscore list that is shown from the menu.

This document was written by Chris "Topher" Becker.


Format specs

As for the BNK format, here it is:

CHAR sig[3]; //DHS - Descent HighScores
BYTE always_one; //always $01
CHAR saying[40]; //1st place message, NULL terminated

for (i=1; i<11; i++)
 CHAR entry[i].name[9]; //name of pilot, NULL terminated
 INT32 entry[i].score;
 BYTE entry[i].starting_level;
 BYTE entry[i].ending_level;
 BYTE entry[i].skill_level; //0=Trainee to 4=Insane
 INT entry[i].unknown; //doesn't seem to serve any purpose
 INT entry[i].play_time; //in seconds



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