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*.FNT specs


Timothy S. Singer took the time to write down the complete FNT file specs using the Descent 1 Source code. I have been chewing on the Descent font file format, and I now know enough to post what I know, but there is still more to know.


Font specs

Remember: dword = 32 bits unsigned, short = 16 bits unsigned, uchar = 8 bits unsigned

struct fontfile
 char   file_id[4] = "PSFN";               //"Parallax Software FoNt"
 dword  data_size;                         //file size - 8
 struct font_header header;                //Header info for font
 char data[data_size - sizeof(header)];

If the font is a color font, then a palette will follow data[] (but the size is not included in data_size).

struct font_header
 short ft_w;           // Width of a character in pixels (for proportional fonts use max width)
 short ft_h;           // Height of a character in pixels
 short ft_flags;       // a combination of FT_COLOR=1 | FT_PROPORTIONAL=2 | FT_KERNED=4
 short ft_baseline;    // The baseline of the font (top pixel is #1).  Usually the same as ft_h
 uchar ft_minchar;     // The first character defined in the font
 uchar ft_maxchar;     // The last character defined in the font
 short ft_bytewidth;   // For proportional fonts this is usually 0.  For fixed fonts this is ft_w/8.
 dword ft_data;        // Offset to raw font data from beginning of this struct
 dword ft_chars;       // Reserved - must be 0.  This is set by the Descent program at load-time.
 dword ft_widths;      // If FT_PROPORTIONAL is set, then this is the offset to the width table.
 dword ft_kerndata;    // If FT_KERNED is set, then this is the offset to the kerning table.

The data, width table, and kerning table are all found in[].


Width table format

This is just an array of shorts specifying the width in pixels of the corresponding character. character_widths[x] corresponds to ASCII code (ft_minchar+x).

struct width_table
 short character_widths[ft_maxchar - ft_minchar + 1];


Data table format

The data table is just an array of character definitions with the first definition corresponding to the first character. Each character definition is divided into (ft_h) rows with the first row at the top and the last row at the bottom. Each row has one or more bytes of information. If the FT_COLOR flag is set, in each row there will be as many bytes as there are pixels across the character (i.e. the character width), with each byte being a color reference to the palette at the end of the file (color 255 is transparent).   The first byte is the leftmost pixel and the last byte is the rightmost.

If the FT_COLOR flag is clear (the font is mono), there will be (character width) / 8 bytes.  A '1' bit means an opaque pixel, and a '0' bit means a transparent.  The first byte is the leftmost 8 pixels of the character, and the most-significant bit (MSB) is the leftmost pixel in the byte.


Kerning table format

Kerning is the process of adjusting the font's spacing based on which characters are next to each other.  For instance, a period following a "T" might be put closer to the "T" because it can fit neatly underneath the top bar.

Here is the format of the Kerning Table (There are an undefined number of entries of the following type, followed by a uchar with a value of 0xFF):

struct KerningTableEntry
 uchar firstChar;   // If secondChar follows firstChar,
 uchar secondChar;
 uchar newWidth;    // The first character's width will be temporarily set to this value.

Notice that the width table is in shorts, but that this is in uchars.  But nobody's going to declare a font with a character of width 256 or more, are they?


Font palette format

If the FT_COLOR flag is set, a palette will follow the font.

struct palette
 uchar rgbValues[256][3];

The table is in BGR style (instead of RGB). Be careful not to assign an important color to rgbValues[255][], because to the data, index 255 means transparent.



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