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Descent Manager DSPY32 source

Descent Manager DSPY32 Source

Descent Manager DSPY32 is a spying and monitoring utility for Descent 1 and 2 netgames via LAN, Kali or Kahn. It was originally written by Kevin Bentley under the name "DSpy V1.0" in Visual C++ 4.2 using MFC. Heiko Herrmann continued the work and released the new version under the name "Descent Manager DSPY32 V2.0" using Visual C++ 6.0. Beta 02b is the current version, however only Beta 02 source code is currently available.

Compiler notes: You will need to remove the WSOCK32.LIB file from the project and then re-add it from your VC98\LIB directory. You might be able to compile it under Visual C++ 4.x or 5.x, however changes are then necessary first. Porting to other compilers or operating systems would be probably more work than fully rewrite it, because of MFC code, so I won't recommend it.



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